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Kuali Protocols - Unlocking The Power of Centralized Electronic Protocols Systems in The Digital Age
The Kuali Protocols webinar will illustrate how institutions can elevate their research protocol management across multiple protocol types - IRB, IACUC, and IBC - through a single, unified, electronic protocol management system. We’ll explore today’s evolving digital landscape and its effects on institutions of all sizes as they continue to navigate the dynamics of research compliance. We’ll look at best practices to promote data integrity, data security, and collaboration among team members and compliance committees.

This webinar will include:

- Lessons learned from Indiana University during their years of electronic protocol management, presented by Marlise Blackburn, Director of Compliance Management systems at Indiana University.

- How electronic systems help institutions adhere to industry best practices.

- A walkthrough of the Kuali Protocols module, breaking down the nuance between protocol types and system configurations that facilitate an efficient workflow across a protocol’s lifecycle.

- Q&A from our attendees


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